How to make a lined zipper bag/ pouch

How to make a lined zipper bag/ pouch

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4 swatches at 8.5" x 6" each (2 stripes for outer & 2 solid for lining). Matching 7" zipper & thread.

Sandwich zipper w/fabric FACES together & sew across (see pins).

Use zipper foot to sew & move zipper head away from needle. Make sure needle is down into fabric when zipper foot is released to move zipper head away.

Should look like this so far.

Fold like above w/fabric BACKS together.

Add remaining STRIPE FACES together & SOLID FACES together. Sew across top (see pins).

Should be layered like this.

Should look like this so far.

Optional: Sew again from zipper face creates cleaner look. See next image for comparison.

Right side looks cleaner.

Important: Unzip 3/4 way! Pin STRIPES FACES together & sew all 3 sides (see pins). This completes the outside bag.

Pin & sew SOLIDS together but leave 2" gap NOT sewn (see marker).

Trim all corners off diagonally but NOT too close to seam. This minimizes puffy corners.

Should look like this so far. Turn everything right side out gently through 2" gap.

Pin gap together & sew.

Gap sealed. Stuff lining inside.


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