How to make glug

How to make glug

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Cheese cloth or nylons works well to hold ingredients, use about 24"x24" Or just tie leg of nylon. Start with orange peels.

Add prunes

Then raisins


Cinnamon sticks

These are sometimes hard to find, But in every recipe for glug. De-shell them

Tie off so ingredients won't fall out when stirred

Put in pot with enough water to cover you flavor bag, I used 2.

Add 2 cups of sugar and simmer for one hour

Careful when stirring not to break your bag

Your kitchen should be smelling pretty good about now, after about one hour remove flavor bag.

Ok, here is where it's up to you . Port wine is essential, but you can add a number of added options. Blackberry brandy is good, any flavored vodkas work well also. I like using grain alcohol .

Add alcohol and remember the key here is not to let the batch boil, that would remove the alcohol. So it's at a simmer with a slow stir. For about ..........15-20 minutes

Let cool a bit and now you can start bottling

Remember to have some extra bottles saved because depending on how big of pot and water you used your gonna need them.

This container is great for this, but you can use any funnel that fits your bottles. Sometimes a pitcher makes it easier as well.

Let Glug cool a bit before capping.

This the fun part, making your own labels. Customizing for gifts and parties is fun

Office supply has all kind of sizes to choose from

You can be creative and go all out or like I've done, hand write it.

This years label

Past years batches ........

Remember to heat when serving This is a great spirit to share with friends & family during the cold months. Careful it sneaks up on you :D

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