How to make coffee chocolate chip ice cream

How to make coffee chocolate chip ice cream

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Mix together the sugar, salt, cream, milk and coffee granules. Stir over medium heat until it gets hot and steamy. Don't boil.

Beat your egg yolks till they are pale and frothy. I rarely use my stand mixer for this task, but for the purposes of having a free hand to take pictures, I did :) But a bowl and whisk will do!

When the milk mixture scalds, proceed to the next step.

Add half the mixture into the egg yolks. I add it slowly and steady using a ladel.

Add everything back to the pot and cook over medium heat for 3-5 minutes or until it thickens and coats the back of a spoon.

Place a mesh strainer over a bowl

Pass the mixture through it, discard the curdled eggy bits in the strainer. It's just cooked eggs but it tastes horrible.

Add the vanilla, stir it in. Place the bowl in a bigger bowl filled with ice water. This stops the cooking process, cools it quicker and makes sure the eggs dont curdle. Cover the surface with plastic

Put the custard in the refrigerator, and now melt the chocolate in the microwave or over a double boiler. If using the microwave, nuke at 20 second increments, stirring every time.

Spread the chocolate thinly over some parchement paper or a silpat. Must be a completely non stick surface.

Churn the ice cream, use your ice cream maker...mine broke on I'm using the alternate method.

To churn it, simply pour the mixture in a deep container and freeze for 45 minutes. Then blend in a food processor or blender and re-freeze. Repeat this process every 45 minutes for 6 times total.

I used a hand held blender, better control. Blend after freezing for 45 minutes. Re-freeze and repeat every 45 minutes. Rinse and repeat 6 times ;)

After refrigerating your sheet of chocolate for 3 hours or so, Chop up your chocolate, you could just use mini chocolate chips, but this is more authentic!

This is the final blend. Notice it much thicker? More like a puree or a milk shake!

Fold in the chocolate and freeze the mixture overnight

Scoop over a wafer cone or a waffle cone

Or scoop in a bowl with whipped cream and crispy chocolate wafers...yummy yummy for my tummy :)

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