How to cook thai steamed egg (kai toon) in a microwave

How to cook thai steamed egg (kai toon) in a microwave

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3 Large chicken eggs, about a cm slice of large brown onion, two large strips of spring onion, a small amount of mince pork and a small slice of lime. Alternative- try minced chicken and coriander.

Seasoning and garnish- Mushroom soy sauce (healthy boy brand), fried shallots, Vegeta vegetable stock powder and pepper. Alternative:- Maggi seasoning sauce, any other soup stock powder

Large soup bowl for cooking and serving. Small sauce dish for optional side dipping sauce.

Finely slice the spring onion and brown onion.

Finely slice ginger for dipping sauce.

All chopped up.

Place the spring onion and brown onion into the large bowl leaving a pinch of spring onion on the side for garnish. Place the ginger into the small dish.

Pour enough soy sauce into the small dish to cover the sliced ginger and sit to the side.

Add a table spoon of soup stock to the large bowl. (You may need more or less depending on taste).

Add a generous squeeze of lime and optional sesame or chili oil (a few drops).

Add the eggs.

Beat everything together using a fork.

Keep beating until all ingredients are well mixed.

Add water leaving about a couple of cm at the top of the bowl. Beat the water into the egg mixture until the mixture is consistent throughout.

Loosely cover with microwave safe plastic food wrap.

Ensure that the wrap is tightly sealed around the bowl but leave some room for the wrap to expand during cooking.

Put in microwave on high for about 10 minutes. Keep watch as the egg mixture will rise during cooking. If mixture starts to overflow, pause the microwave and turn down the heat before resuming.

Once cooked the egg will be firm to touch (resembling set jelly). You should be able to smell the aroma of the soup and seasoning.

Garnish with remainder of spring onion and a pinch of fried shallots.

Serve with steamed jasmine rice and side dipping sauce.

Soup is hidden inside the egg and will be released as you cut through...

Most of the ingredients in this can be substituted. The key essentials are eggs, plenty of water, a nice stock and a good beating. Try your own combination and season it to your liking!

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