How to make a salty sour pineapple peel body scrub

How to make a salty sour pineapple peel body scrub

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Cut the top off the pineapple making sure to leave about 1-1/2″ of flesh below the leaves. Do no throw away the top—more on this later.

Cut the flesh into quarters.

Cut the flesh away from the skin leaving about 1/2″ of flesh. Do not throw away the skin!

Cut into small chunks. Eat plain, sprinkled lightly with sea salt, or enjoy grown folk style (see my tequila syrup recipe). Now, back to the business of smooth skin...

Drizzle the pineapple skin with a few drops of essential oil. Sweet Orange pairs nicely with the citrus-y goodness of pineapple, and can soothe tired muscles. Its scent can also be uplifting.

Sprinkle with epsom salts which draws out toxins and relaxes the muscles. Lastly, hit the shower and use the pineapple peel to exfoliate like you would with loofah. Rinse and enjoy butter soft skin.

And the pineapple top that we saved from earlier? Place the top in a shallow bowl of water so that the flesh is halfway submerged. Sit the bowl in a sunny window for 2 days.

Then remove the pineapple top from the water and plant it in a container with potting soil. In 2 years (patience, Grasshopper), your humble pineapple top will look like this. Cool, huh?!

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